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Oh my goodness!! I am speechless! I have a different relationship with my vet...we are close, she knows what I expect and what I like done and she will often do what she thinks I would want done, in the event she is confronted with a questionable issue....which is fine with me because of the total trust I have in her and her capabilities. I have no idea if vets routinely do this type of thing....I know maybe an extra $50.00-$150.00 could be possible, but almost doubling the bill????? Trying to detach myself from the relationship I have with my vet.....I am NOT a wealthy person, with the ability to just add another $700.00 to a bill, willy-nilly....I think I would have said I was not prepared to double this vet bill and I understand her desire to correct all the dental issues....ask is she going to allow you to make installment paymnts? Even if you do not need to do that, it may be a great thing to set up a pattern of a good payment record, in case there ever IS a need to do that. I would say, so we were thinking 8 teeth pulled, how many are we going to have to pull now? I would be trying to nail down exactly what she has tacked on another $700.00 for.....
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