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Tibbe does all the routine tricks you mentioned plus a few I've taught him. Training is just about his main thing in life after eating!!! He will MAKE me have a training session, standing in front of me on the den floor and growling and grousing as I ask him his list of "what do you want?" questions and when I get to "do you want to do Training?", he will rollover and start going in circles, dog laughing and very very very happy. So, I get his little tin of treats and we train until his excitement starts to wane. I can tell when it's time to stop, he starts to do the trick more slowly. Usually he does them SO fast, so excited. Then we have a big, big love and praise session and I look into his eyes and tell him how proud I am of him. He won't steadily look back at me as they usually won't due to doggie protocol and their rules, etc., but he does enjoy the moments of praise.

He was so wild when I first got him, training Tibbe and getting him into "working" was one of the things that helped him gain impulse control, settled him down and formed a great bond between us. Now he insists on his training several times a day. Sorry I got him started in a way!!!! (just kidding )
Jeanie and Tibbe
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