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Originally Posted by BabyGirl Rosie View Post
My Rosie, who is very nonaggressive, does the same thing to Mikki after I give baths. It doesn't matter who I bath first. She does the very same thing.
This is the only time Rosie does this. Usually Mikki is the aggressive one. I am curious to see if anyone else has this problem and how they handle it. I have been holding Mikki until Rosie calms down. Then I will put her down. DH thinks that Rosie is jealous but I don't know if that is the case. As soon as I put Mikki down, Rosie will sniff her from head to toe. Does your two do this?
Yes, all four of them sniff each other, kind of like they're making sure I didn't do anything to the others, but Noah isn't aggressive with Allie and Darby, just Westley. And after a bath is the only time he does it. DH tries to hold him or keep him occupied with treats or toys, we even tried to cage him and I literally thought he was going to hurt himself throwing himself against the cage. Westley just takes it and will cower and sit calmly and allow it.
I wondered if Noah possibly thinks that after the bath, he needs to make sure Westley remembers knows the pecking order and has to put him back in his place? Allie is actually my alpha. She's in charge of everyone!!

Neither Noah and Westley are neutered, and this just started about 6 weeks ago. Allie isn't in heat.
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