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Animal Smiley 019 Fyi/update

Yesterday, Chewie got his second puppy shot (first was taken when he was with his breeders). It was a horrible experience to see Chewie cry/whine so loud. He did great during his check up, his temperature was great, everything was in tack and he was a healthy two & a half month old baby Yorkie. And he weighed less than two pounds. I mentioned to the Vet that we recently changed his food from Royal Canin to Eukanuba. He's adjusting to it really well! He's poo is solid and regularly going to the bathroom three times a day. He eats about a cup a day and drinks a lot of water. He's active and playful throughout the day with his nap every few hours.
Anyways, back to his shot. Well the Vet had warned us that he would be lethargic and become very sleepy throughout the day. Man, it was heartbreak in after a couple of hours AFTER the shot. He became very defensive, not wanting to be touch/played/pet. He would cry when you try to carry him and he just became very distant from us. We contacted our Vet and she mentioned that that is normal for him to be acting like that. It should last no longer than a couple days. Later that night, he was doing a lot better. He let us touch/pet him and he even ate A LOT. Now today, he is back to normal. So just an FYI to new Yorkie owners. When they get their puppy shots, I suggest just leaving them alone. Let them come to you. Comfort them yes, but don't push it by petting them hard or carrying them. They will become very tired and one of the plus thing is that they will learn (for those who are crate training their puppies) that their crate is their safe haven. Chewie went in and out of his crate when he felt scared.
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