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Default A day at the Park - RAnts n Raves

So today we took our big boy and our little boy to Kelso Conservation area.
We have been going there for about five years, and like the lakefront, cause the water warms up early here, and the beach is not Sandy!. That is important cause with long haired breeds, Sand is a killer to get out of the coat

Raves: Such glorious weather - just perfect. Found a good spot under two trees - with picnic bench too
Magic and Razzle loved, loved, loved their hike. And loved their lunchtime steak treat too
So the morning there wasn't busy; great fun, we did off leash work, Razz got to chase his ball, as did Magic. Then we settled down for a bit of a read, after our walk.

Rants: By the time lunch was ready it was 2'ish, and park was way way busier. But we were eating at our picnic table, and a large group of I assume family members were down below us with multiple kids. Who were kicking a soccer ball around, and running past our table; "in our space" - we were elevated situated on top of a bit of incline; and they had a whole lower level to play in. Well after the ball bounced off our table, I stood up; of course Magic is roaring at the interlopers; I said look there is a whole park here; take your soccer down below; where your parents are; we are as you see trying to eat, and would appreciate soccer balls not bouncing off our food!.

Then my hubby says; you know I don't think that tie out of Magic's would stop him if he wanted/needed to go. My jaw dropped, I said what!! He said it might only be rated to about 100 pounds. Oh I said' That makes me feel really really fine. I'm losing tomorrow that tie out; and btw we rarely use a tie out; but I will get one rated for his pull power which is about 5-600 pounds

Next a group of new young folks, with flat coated retreivers park below to go to the water. And one young guy gets loose and takes off. You guessed it right to Magic. Magic with the tie out rated at 100lbs Magic was fine until the dog veered to RAzzle's play pen (of course Razz was barking like a fierce Rotty) - all 6 Yorkie lbs of him! Then Magic tried to charge the youngster. Hubby lifted Magic off his front legs Thank God. Magic was only protecting his pack mate. I run interference with the youngster, until the young folks can get up here and collar him! So all is well - except my heart rate!

The Water and Swimming: Everything is going great for about 30 minutes or so. Despite the sign on entry that said the Boat Rental place wasn't open; they opened it...... Razzle is in the water retreiving his toy, he is wearing a Light Green Life Jacket, and a Flourescent Orange Leash trailing about 6feet behind him. There was no canoes or paddle boats in view when I threw the toy!. But on his way back up comes this canoe right on track to him. I look, I enter the water, the idiot guy steering the boat, has no clue, he is running right into Razz. I shout hey you, HEY YOU THERE, watch where you are going!. He veers clumsily and misses Razz by about I guess a foot.

Now after all this a CAUTION. Despite three summers of swimming with Razzle our Yorkie, and knowing him very well. He became very cold. There was no warning. In fact; he had just retreived in a toy, and I asked Dave to be with him, while I did some obedience work with Magic. About 30 seconds later Dave yells to me, something is wrong I need your help!.
I run with Magic back about 30 yards. Hubby said he is doing an odd sort of snort, and shivering a whole lot. My guess and it is only a guess, he got over excited, coupled with being cold, and his breathing suffered. Hubby had already taken off life jacket and had wrapped him. His breathing was fine when I got there. I took Razzle and the wet towels off him. And leashed him up and started walking him, Up and down. Breathing normal.. TYG

Up and down some more, and more and more. Finally no more shivering!

So this was a surprise to me. Huge one.

Yorkies can always surprise you. Here with a potential "cold" is the problem you have to heat up your dog. Blankies, towels, are good initially. For comfort, as you are holding your pup etc. But walking is very very good to get the blood flowing again. The idea is to heat them up gradually.

I can't believe I went through his puppy days, and other years and never, ever encountered this!

Oh Dear I better end now; for I have written a book.
Razzle and Dara. Our clan. RIP Karma Dec 24th 2004-July 14 2013 RIP Zoey Jun9 th 2008-May 12 2012. RIP Magic, March 26-July 1st 2018
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