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Set jaw. Take a deep breath. Remember this is NOT a question of "if" or "how" or "why", but what happens now. Focus on this momma and her unborn babies. What would I do???
First: change vets immediately, you need a vet that has more fore thought about where we are NOW, and a safe resolution with the momma, then puppies, in mainframe.
Second: I am thinking what exactly is worse case scenerio.... (A) the babies will die, undelivered, and momma will ....(a) reabsorbe the pregnancy. / or (b) develop an infection from undelivered dead puppies.....OR....(B) the pregnancy will continue until term and mom will deliver a litter of pups, that will (a) be healthy.....or (b) have deformaties from anesthesia administered during week ? of the pregnancy. (You need to know exactly what week you were in when that momma was sedated/anesthetized so you will know exactly what was developing in the fetuses that is possibly going to be affected/malformed.)
Thrird: Watch this momma every minute of the day, until she reaches her due date. Monitor her blood work for signs of infection. Monitor the developing babies for normal development. If it is determined that the babies are no longer viable, the vet can (a) medically induce delivery or (b) section the momma and terminate the pregnancy and clean out the abdomen(spay), and start momma on antibiotics to be sure she does not develop a serious infection.
I do not know if this even answers the question you asked!! I am just trying to sort this mess out in my OWN mind! This is what I would be thinking about my own dog if I had ever ended up in such a late for repremands or criticizing...we are now in CRISIS MANAGEMENT....I HATE CRISIS MANAGEMENT!!! HAVE TO MOVE TOOO FAST!!! GIVE ME CRISIS AVOIDANCE!!!!...MUST BE THE ICU NURSE IN ME. Whatever the process going forward from this point, please keep us posted on this unfortunate situation....we are concerned, regardless of how or why it ever got to this point! Give momma a kiss and pat for me!

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