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Default Okay need information

Not the best case but what's done is done. There is this yorkie that had kidney stones. Those were removed. She developed an infection. The vet said we should spay her and this would help with everything. Okay the gal tells the vet my dogs have mated in the last month. They do not do a pregnancy test. The male is neutered the same day as the spay is scheduled. They open the female and she is pregnant. They close her up still pregnant. Give her some antibiotics and say well not sure how good of a chance these pups have now..

I know most will say they should have spayed her. And maybe so. But she was not. Does anyone have any ideas. Will she be able to carry these pups. And will it be safe for her and the pups. I understand this is a horrible situation. But if anyone has any information it would be appreciated. This is not my dog
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