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Hi Suzy and Chanel! And welcome!

They are totally different dogs aren't they! So tiny and vulnerable - it's difficult not to overdo stuff....especially when they're puppies, so totally reliant on us. You're doing brilliantly, and it's always best to ask...

I personally wouldn't keep her sleeping in your bed. You're obviously spending half the night worrying about rolling on her, waking your husband, etc. And that's not doing you any good

I would get a different crate for your bedroom. We did this, and it worked perfectly. We positioned it where Harry could see and smell us, and cosied it up with his bed, blankies etc. We put him in there at 10 at night, and after the first couple of nights he slept right through. It might be a bit noisy for a while, but it's worth it in the long run.

Others will, of course, have different thoughts and ideas - but that's what worked for my family Good luck! Sally + Harry x
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