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I need a minute to think about this......

BUT I had a dream last night that is food related (sort of in name only) and made me very very sad

I was looking down on a kitchen stadium type setting and the 2 chefs ( a man and a woman) were cooking barefoot ~ against the rules~ the woman had little club feet and had to climb up the cave type walls to get her shoes on. A man up there helped her but he had to stretch them to fit over her club feet.

She went back down to cook (in her high heels )

Everyone kept telling me how beautiful Sugar was and wanted to see her. The problem was she was invisible (apparently to me only......) so I placed my invisible dog named SUGAR/MOLASSES on my lap so they could pet her.

Why could everyone but me see my cute puppy??????
Lisa, Mom to Curri Bee Vindi Loo Tikka Masala Sugar Baby

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