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Originally Posted by capt_noonie View Post
I eat sardines, what's wrong with them? Cheap and good for you, unless of course they are the ones packed in oil. And if you've never had them, how do you know you don't like them?

Growing up we bought the kind in a can packed in tomato sauce. We put that on top of rice, and that was dinner. Sardines kept our bellies full when money was tight.

What about anchovy? Now, you do know that real caesar dressing has anchovy right?
I have very horrific memories of fishing and getting seasick then being forced to eat the fish (usually salmon) that we caught that day while I was over the side puking.

I really can't eat much fish at all to this day. 10 years ago I started eating shellfish. 4 years ago I started eating mild fish. I still can't make a "meal" out of fish to this day.

I do know about anchovies. I cook with them (and fish sauce). I have had some Caesar dressing that tasted way too fishy and I have been unable to eat the salad tho
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