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Originally Posted by apple718 View Post
You know, for some reason when I add red vinegar to my dressing at home it always seems to be "too tart" or harsh and not smooth and awesome like in the restaurants. They must be doing something else like adding sugar or whatever to tepid the red vinegar.

For example, if you guys have tried that one salad dressing bottle that's shaped odd like a trapezoid called Champagne it's so balanced that you can almost drink it and not get overwhelmed with the vinegar. I try to make home made dressing but it just doesn't come out like that or the italian restuarants even the cheap take outs one.
Champagne vinegar is very expensive but very tasty. I think if you use a good balsamic vinegar to start off with, the dressing will taste better. Good Balsamics are expensive too.

Originally Posted by Nancy1999 View Post
Sometimes you can find a copycat version of your favorite restaurant. Copycat Salad Dressing Recipes

Also you can thicken up a dressing by adding the oil in a very slow stream in a food processor. It changes the consistency completely. I made mayonnaise once, and that's how you do it.
Emulsion! But I like my vinagrettes to be separated for some reason.
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