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Im Having problems just like you are, only his little attitude turns on around bed time! almost like he becomes possessed He sleeps in bed with us, (computer is bedroom) and when I am on the computer, he will sit on the bed and bark at me I assume it means get off to time for bed? So I lay down with him and then possession takes over he growles, bites HARD!! (Breaks the skin hard) and attacks me and he wont stop! jumps in my face, just becomes a totaly different little baby (Sami is 15 weeks) Then I grab him lay him on his back & go through the sayings stop, no, badboy, stop etc.. then when he somewhat is listening I hug and kiss on him he then begins to calm down and kisses me back crawl's up to his pillow and he falls asleep! this has been going on every night! is anyone having simular periods like this?
Please let me know how you stop it or how you made them stop, im thinking he gets overtired and can't wind down

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