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I was going to quote every one in this thread.... but it would take up too much space. So... have a read....

1. Yorkies are small dogs. Small dogs need to be fed twice(two times) each day! If you set it out all at once, they may eat the whole amount, or if not, it will get stale. Not good for their digestion. Divide the daily portion by 2 and feed them two times daily for adults.... 3-4 times for puppies.

2. For a 'Dirty Dog", you must keep her clean. Lose the crate... it's not working. Get her vet checked. Feed her twice a day.... it sounds as though she may be having difficulty pooping... too little or too much indicates a problem. Walking around while pooping could mean she is straining to go. See your vet. Rule out UTI, partial impaction, and hormone imbalances, among a few things that can cause inappropriate urination or frequent bowel movements.

3. Chew toys are choking hazards and should only be given when you are there to supervise. Feed twice daily.

4. No one mentioned walking their dog, it's good exercise to get their bowels moving. Also helps for dogs who need to mark, and yes, females are as bad about this as many males. AM: out to pee, in to eat. Out for a walk after eating, until they poop.

5. Dog goes poop and pee anywhere in the house: Limit their space to one room. When they gain control, increase their space to 2 rooms... not the entire house. Increase by one room at a time, as they learn control.

6. Full time workers: The pup or dog you own is your responsibility. Hire someone or find a friend or neighbor to walk the dog at lunchtime. Especially good to do with puppies, but all dogs will appreciate it. It will help with their digestion and to become more regular with their potty habits.

7. Four month old puppies are too young to have the run of the house (generally). If he's peeing too much... see your vet for a check up. Training a dog or puppy is basically 'teaching' him one time what you expect, the rest is repetition. Start on a weekend, or any 2 days you have off together. Take him out every hour or two, until he gets consistent. Then extend the time increment by an hour. Four month old puppies can only 'hold it' 4 hours at the most. Basically, an hour for each month of age.

8. Bathrooms are not good rooms to keep Yorkies in. They can climb into the toilet and drown or die from hypothermia, or both.

9. Please visit the YorkieTalk Library... and read up on puppy care (feeding) and potty training. You can also find many other threads by using the search feature found at the bottom of every page, just limit the search to YorkieTalk, and it will bring up all the threads on the subject.

I apologize if I sound harsh, not my intent. You all need to be educated in caring for a Yorkie, they are different than any other dog on the planet. I am sure I left out alot, so I sincerely urge you all to do some intense reading of the information available on this site. If you need help finding anything... please ask someone for help.

PS: If they need to go and do it before you get up... get up early to let them out.
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