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Hey, just wanted to post that Vera FINALLY got adopted last week. She stayed with us for an unusally long time.

I'm so glad. It was getting kind of depressing to walk her. She started refusing to walk back to the shelter, and she had a neck problem so we couldn't pick her up and carry her back. I had to call a supervisor one time to bring a car around and return her, which has never happened to me before.

It was kind of adorable and heart breaking at the same time. She would be estatic when leaving the shelter, with that big goofy grin on her face. Then when you turned around, she would close her mouth and give you the most disapproving look imaginable. It was like night and day.

A lot of dogs stall while walking, and it's shall we say, a good opportunity to develop patience, but she was something else. She would just lie down on the sidewalk for 30 minutes, no problem. As far as she was concerned, that's 30 fewer minutes she had to spend indoors.

Even crazier, she was actually a return to us after seven years! She'd been adopted by a couple and for some reason when they divorced, they returned her. Isn't that awful? I ran into a friend of the former owners while walking her one day, and they were shocked to see her. They also covered her ears while they told me that she had been an "a**hole" dog. I guess she was picking up the stress in the house or guarding the owners or something, I don't know. She was the sweetest dog ever when I met her.

ANYWAY, she went to a lovely home, and she now has a brother she snuggles up with, and a yard, and all the great things that doggies like her deserve.
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