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Default How to get a pup to calm down for night time or nap?

Is there any other tips I should implore to get him to feel more secure and safe while being put in his playpen. He is just 14 weeks old and when I have to go to class for an hour he yips awful and it breaks my heart to leave him. We go for a little potty walk before leaving so I know he has done his business then he goes up after receiving praise for potting outside along with a treat.

Also, his pen is put in a corner of my room and made it as den like as possible. I put his carrier in there with the door open and a shirt of mine (For the scent) and sometimes he is good, sometimes he is awful.

Any advice on what I can do to help him through this crate training stage? I rather not see him bark bark bark while I am going and upset my other tenants in my complex. =/

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