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Embarassed Another Poop Question!!

Ok you all must think i am crazy about poop... and i think i just might be!

Poppy seems to be pooping ALOT! I have changed her food and started to to water down her milk and her poops have hardend up to what they where ehich is good.

A normal day.
-I wake up and she has done a Poop in her Xpen over night, I feed her befroe i go to work.
-When i get home on my lunch she has done another Poop in her crate, i let her out to play and she might do another poop while she is playing.
-Then when i return home she has done Another Poop in her crate. I feed her again and let her out to play and she does about 2 sometimes 3 poops during the evening.

Is this normal for a 6week old puppy to poop so much? She has not got worms or anything she is wormed upto date and the vet says she is fine he did a full check of her. She is fine in herself and is eating and drinking fine she even has a little tum tum on her hehe! Just making sure its normal for a 6week old puppy to be pooping this much haha.

I feel like i am on Poop watch LOL
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