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[QUOTE=khatcher1230;3213407]Hi Everyone! I'm Kim, a new mommy to a 12 week old Yorkie, Bazinga . He's the first small breed, boy dog I've ever had so it's been interesting so far. Here's the info on what I'm doing so far...if anyone has any advice or constructive criticism on what I'm doing please feel free to contact me.

April 24, 2010

13 weeks

1.85 lbs

Food - Wellness Puppy - 1/8 cup 3 times a day (should he be eating more?)
Suppliments - I give him a small squirt of nutri-cal for puppies on days I feel he didn't eat enough.

Vet - Loving Hands Animal Clinic - Alpharetta, GA
Parasites - He had a few parasites, so I gave him the meds the Vet gave me & hopefully those are cleared up now (have to take him to reevaluate this week.

Bath Time - currently 2 times a week w/ Medicated Shampoo to help skin infection, but plan to bathe once a week w/ Finishing Touch Oatmeal Puppy Shampoo
Grooming - alternating combing & brushing (he won't sit still very long's a bit of a challenge) & Spritz 2 times a week w/ Finishing Touch Oatmeal Puppy Spray
Cold - I'm not used to such a small puppy, and he gets cold really easy, especially during bath time. Any advice?
Blow dry - he hates the hairdryer any advice??? Using my diffuser helps but not much

Thank you!

Welcome to YT and congratulations on your new baby! He is adorable! My puppies are 16 weeks old and about 4 pounds. I've had one yorkie before these two. I'm definitely not an expert either but here's my 2 cents: I don't know about Paw Friendly. I just picked up a can of Clean and Green floor cleaner at Petco and I was wondering the same thing about whether it's killing germs. Before that, I was using Lysol. I agree with the other poster about the kibble. I give my 2 Nutro "Nature's Choice" puppy canned food and toss a handful of Royal Canin Yorkshire puppy dry food on top of the canned. The dry food is good for their teeth and small breed dogs do tend to have dental problems. I would also not bathe him so much once his skin infection clears up. Overbathing can dry out their skin. Sounds like you are doing great with him though! There is so much good info on here. How is the housebreaking going? By the way, it sounds like we may be neighbors. I live in Alpharetta also and I use Johns Creek Animal Clinic.
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