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Originally Posted by vicstasi View Post

I was wondering which food everyone was feeding their yorkies. The vet told me to feed him royal canin. Is this ok or are there better foods? I also need a food that would be good for my maltese.

Victoria and Diesel
There are certainly better foods out there than Royal Canin, but there are also foods out there that are worse than Royal Canin.

I'm currently using Blue Buffalo Wilderness for my girl. I rotate between the 3 flavors that they offer (chicken, duck & salmon) just to change things up a bit since she sometimes gets bored with her food.

I used to rotate between Evo, Orijen & Acana as well. Evo was part of the company Natura who was just bought out by Proctor & Gamble (makers of Iams & Eukanuba) so I wouldn't trust that food anymore. Orijen & Acana are excellent foods as well, but sometimes they're difficult to find.

I'm sure many other members will respond on here & give you some input. Food is definitely a popular topic on here.
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