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Smile Happy Ending

I got a call from a gal that heard that I loved dogs and was willing to work with puppy mill dogs. The dog was a Maltese. She was 7 months old and had spent her first 6 months in a kennel in the barn somewhere in Iowa. The gal who gave me the pup had already brought her to the vet and she was given all her shots and pronounced that she was in great shape. The gal had two dogs already and Gracie, the maltese, would shiver and shake anytime they came near her. When the gal had to go to work, Gracie had to be kenneled. She was going to be starting to work longer hours and she wanted to know if I could handle Gracie since I'm home all the time. I brought all three of my dogs with me to make sure there would be no problems with the interaction between them. Gracie started playing with my maltese and yorkie while my cocker spaniel looked on. We were there for about an hour and when we left, Gracie came with us. She played with my dogs, ate really well, used the wee-pads. She slept on the bed curled up to my cocker spaniel and maltese.

A friend stopped by a couple of days later. Gracie ran right up to the man and launched herself into his arms and absolutely refused to get out. I then told the couple, it looks like you have a new addition to your family. Through all the h**l that that poor puppy went through, she made it to a very loving family and a new set of 4-footed sisters and brothers.

I check on her every couple of days and can hear her in the background playing and yipping with the other dogs.

This story ended happily.

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