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Congratulations on adopting a rescue! Hubby and I adopted about five years ago. Our little guy came out of a puppy mill in Missouri. He had been free for about a month before we got him. He had behavior issues and sometimes they pop up now and again. I certainly can't say for sure but your little girl may just be realizing she is free and her world is totally changed being in a loving home for the first time. I do know adopting a puppy mill rescue will come with some difficulties and maybe health issues as well, but oh my it is so worth it! It will take time,patience, and lots of love.We are in our fifties too and grown daughter, so our three yorkies run the show around here, but don't let them know that! LOL! I guess all I can say right now to you is to take care of her medical issues and let the rest just come in time. She has alot of the world to explore. Best wishes to you both.
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