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I know this is an old post but maybe you have some advise or encouragement for my little guy. Jumped off bed 3 weeks ago, got cast off today and will be 10 weeks on Friday. Vet could not leave cast on any longer b/c bone callous is developing. He said the break is filled with bone but is still fragile. His little leg has NO muscle strength so if he puts weight on it, the leg will snap in the same spot. We are to let him down ONLY for potty break then either hold him or crate him. OK, this puppy is CRAZY! All he wants to do is run and play and jump (b/c he is a puppy of course). My question is how do i keep him still? If he cannot play, how do his little batteries ever run down? I am determined to keep him still. The vet said i could try benadryl or a very low dose of vallium...not to the point of sleeping all the time but just to take the edge off. I don't like the idea of medication b/c i feel that just prolongs healing, but i will do it if that is what it takes to keep him calm. any advise is appreciated!
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