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I think it is the thought that counts. People are too into what they get... Even if you get something from the check out line shelf... Someone thought enough to gift you something. Now that we are older we don't do gifts... If we find something that reminds us of one another then we get it. We mostly do it for my nephew now nephews. My dad retired last year and we kept reminding him not to buy us anything. (I have two other sisters) but we wanted so very much to buy him an iPod... So we did. He was shocked but we were so happy to give it to him. He actually teared up. The though was what counted.
My boyfriends mom got me Dove soap gift set and I am pretty allergic to it. But I was happy she thought of me.
People get too into material things... I am happy for what I get. Like another person said... There are some that have nothing. Perhapes donating your unwanted gifts is a good idea.
My sister goes overboard with my nephew at times. She collects throughout the year so he gets a ton of things. But the last two years they decorated my moms front house as a gingerbread house... The neighbor dressed up as Santa and they collected donations and toys for the needy. Some of the neighbor kids dressed as elfs and they made a sleigh for pictures to be taken. It was so cute to see.
My dad always said," if you didn't get everything on your list... You asked for toooo much."

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