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Originally Posted by lemonlauren View Post
I dunno - my Nikko is outside trained only, and whenever I think that it might be cool to also get him trained for pee pads, I just remember back to the nightmare that potty training was. I'm too chicken to try to switch things up at this point. However, I know that there are some members here who do pull it off successfully!

This may be crazy, but if you're set on trying it, it might help to pull up a little peed-on grass or gravel from outside and put it on the potty pad? That way the smells are the same? Or maybe getting one of those neato pads of grass with the contraption underneath that they sell specifically for dogs to pee indoors? Or I don't know - that may be unnecessary.

Good luck, anyways. :-)

I tend to agree that if your little guy is so good at going outside it could possibly cause problems.Some people do it though and it works out.I would rethink all the ways of him going outside if possible.

Is there another door he could go outside to a small confined area so your grandma could just stand inside and watch? or something like that.They dont need a huge space to go potty.

I would not worry about the dog getting overly cold. Jackson actually loves the cold and snow but he just does his business faster and comes in quicker.

Best of luck anyway
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