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Originally Posted by RebelBelle View Post
I just found out about these this week. Several ladies at work have been trying to get their hands on some for their kids/grandkids. So they've been calling these 2 stores for what seems like a week trying to see if they've gotten a shipment. Finally one store got them and ALL of these women were like mad people at lunchtime trying to get to this store to pay like $8 for a bag of 24 of them. I told them that it was nuts to pay that much for rubberbands! LOL!

Congratulations girl! You may just be $20000 richer soon.
OMG tell them I will ship them to them for $6.99!!!!!!!!! seriously! yes...they are crazy insanely popular. I'm very excited about it! we just got our shipment of almost 6,000 packages LOL
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