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Cry My Yorkie Is Unable To Move

i'm a proud owner of a 1 year old yorkie, princess. she is extremely lovable.

one evening, she just laid on the floor, feeling all restless & from then, she is unable to move. it just occured within minutes.

i sent her to the vet for emergency treatment and its been 5 days, she is still at the veterinary centre seeking medication & nursing care.

basic tests such as x-rays, blood test have all been taken & were all unable to give a diagnosis of what has went wrong with princess. hence, the vet is suspecting a neurological problem.

the vet is putting her on trial medicine now & she did show a slight progress in comparison to the 1st night i sent her to the vet for emergency, but still unable to move her limbs & even her bowels.

she has lost quite some weight since & now she has to be on feeding tube.

i'm seriously in a great lost of what i should do... its really heart-wrenching to see princess in this condition...

can someone please advice or is anybody experiencing similar case to mine?
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