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Originally Posted by capt_noonie View Post
I never took Uni to any training classes, and i am proud to say me and bf trained her ourselves. I thought $100 was way too much to pay for a group class where big dogs and small dogs are together. Anyway, I've found lots of helpful tips for FREE, on YOU-TUBE!

It really does make a difference in which trainer you get. Just like if you get your hair cut at the salon in the mall. It's more expensive than getting it cut at fantastic sams, but does that mean you are getting a better stylist? Sometimes not. The trainers at petsmart are not "career" trainers, it's just a job for them, most likely worked their way up from cashier. I had a friend who was a petsmart groomer, and I myself was offered a job there when I was in college. It's not their calling, so keep that in mind (I mean that for the trainers AND the groomers). I passed on the job, b/c that was NOT my calling. If I had to work through school, at least it should be something in my field, that's what i thought anyway. But NOW, I love dogs, and maybe I should train them now.

If you decide to try another trainer, maybe a different petsmart altogether? in the next city or something?
Same!!! I was gonna take him to class but was like hey, maybe I can do this myself? Once he learned "bang bang" as a 4 1/2 month old from me, I thought hmm maybe this isn't as hard as it seems! It does make me feel good to say I did it myself. When people see his tricks they're always like "who taught him that?" LOL. Not denying that I'd maybe like to take him to an intermediate or advanced type of training class, just to work on "come" and "heel" in situations where there's distractions. Just not Petsmart!
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