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Default Petsmart training...anyone have bad experience and get money back?

I am taking Stella to puppy training classes at Petsmart. We have been to 2 classes so far and I feel like the trainer is not very good. It seems to me that she favors the big dogs and ignores my puppy Stella. Stella is awful in class...never listens, easily distracted. I do not feel like she is in danger even though she is the only small dog in the class but that is b/c of the responsible pet owners...the trainer doesn't seem to care about safety as she is too busy talking to the other owners about traveing and such. She came over to me and my dog during 'leave it' and said that stella was 'not getting it, just not getting it' and instead of helping, she walked away. This was said right after praising the dog next to us and saying how smart he is. It made me feel bad and wonder why she wasnt helping us if we were not doing well. I almost cried after class I was so upset! I am going to call them and complain and see if I can get my money back. I want to go somewhere that we will get help. I would take another class with a different trainer but I think she is the only one at that store. Anyone have a bad experience with them and get their money back? Am I just overreacting? I really feel as if the trainer does not like me or my dog. LOL
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