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Even if I only add stuff to his kibble twice a week? By twice a week I mean, he is fed kibble twice a day, morning and night, and out of his 14 meals a week, two will have a special treat.
When I train him, he usually only gets praise. He will work for praise beter than he works for treats. So he doesn't get a massive quantities of treats.
I do worry when I put kibble down in the morning for him to eat and it's still there when I come home from work. He would much rather go eat from Danger's bowl which is the same chicken flavored kibble with the exception of it being a senior formula.
He is my first dog so some of the things he does are a total mystery to me. From what I have seen, it's really hard to beleive that dogs are that 2 dimensional. Food is food and flavor doesn't mean a thing. Why then does he prefer the chicken over the other flavors? (we had samples)
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