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Originally Posted by Chrisann View Post
Hi. Now itsnot very often that I want to pick him up really...but lately when I have done so..i.e. in a busy street..when other dogs have been too friendly etc. he just goes a bit wild..and starts biting my hand or anything near..i.e. scarf..jacket etc. It i very is as if we are having a fight in mid air. How can I convince him that there are times when he will have to picked up..and that he can't always walk if it is not safe to do so. My hubby has tried and he does the same with him too.!!

My last Yorkie which I lost in March was quite small and just loved being carried around...!

I guess I am not used to his attititude which is saying "No..put me down".!
Any thoughts anyone.?

I am so glad you posted this and hope you get some good feedback. I have been having a similar problem with Harley. When someone comes to my door I have to pick him up and hold him so he won't run out and I also have to hold him in the car when someone is geting out. He goes completely nuts. He absolutely hates to be held down. He starts kicking and fighting. He actually done this with my son (teenager) had to pick him up because someone came to the door and he was fighting so hard he made my son drop him. I'm so scared he is going to end up getting hurt but I don't know what to do. There are just times that you have to hold them. I try to calm him down but it doesn't work. It is very embarrassing in front of people.
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