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Default Multiple health problems- long

Hi everyone,

I am new here. I am the proud of owner of 3 Labrador Retrievers. Recently, we became the custodians of an older, abandoned, abused Yorkie.
The vet suspects he is approx 12-13 years old. We have taken him to the vet two times. the first was just to clean him up from his ordeal. Someone disposed of him from a car...tossed him out the window. My son works at a vet hospital and was there when a good samaritan brought him in.
There was nowhere for him to go, so he bought him home.
We cleaned him up, got rid of the fleas...he was infested. Treated him with frontline, got him some good Senior canned food by nutramax and nursed him back to health.
The 2nd trip to the vet was to get him rabies and distemper, and check for lyme's and heartworm.(both were negative, thankfully) The vet also found a significant heart murmur, 1 eye has glaucoma, the other had a severe laceration on it which caused it to ulcerate. We flush that eye twice a day and put on ointment. It already looks lots better.
his coat, now that the fleas are gone, is starting to look nice. his skin is also coming around now that the fleas are gone also.
his appetite is amazing...we feed him 2 times a day and he is always looking for more.
unfortunately, he is missing a lot of teeth and the ones left are rotten. The vet said he cannot put him under to clean his mouth because of the heart murmur and his age. He said he would never wake up again.
He also has a nasty benign growth on the one eye that we cant do anything about either.
The problem is, the mouth causes him to smell. We have bathed him 2 times in a medicated, prescription oatmeal shampoo but he still really smells bad.
Is there anything I can use to get rid of the smell? and can I do anything about his dental issues without putting him under? he will not let me brush his teeth. I think it is sore and he protests. i don't want to stress him out anymore.
we are really starting to see his personality. He does know "sit" and "lay down". he lovesssss my Labs and my 10 year old daughter. We have named him Trooper, since he is a trooper.
Is it bad to bathe him a lot? I am used to Labradors...they require no grooming, and maybe a yearly bath!
Any help...advice would be necessary. Also...should he wear a coat or sweater? he always seems to be cold.
Anything you can tell me would be a big help. This is my first small dog.
We have decided to keep him and let him have a nice life until his time is up. thanks for the assistance.

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