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Question Yay! Milo's Finally Home! But...

Milo is finally home! I am sooo excited and he is already soo attached to me & I'm attached to him! He follows me everywhere! He even cries if I leave the room!My 6'3 260 lbs BF even loves him to death and takes him from me to play with him! ARGH!

But I'm just a little concern about his ear. The breeder taped all the pups ear and lil Milo ear had gotten sores/scabs from the masking tape. The breeder let me know a few days before Milo came home about his scabs. She even offered to keep him until it healed.So..

The day Milo came home the sores weren't so obvious I guess b/c he was so cute playing. So the breeder and I went out to Petsmart and the breeder bought Milo a leash,harness,collar,bell,etc...(She is a sweetheart!)
So we did our goodbyes and I asked her do you think his one ear will still stand after it heals and as we both looked at his ear we both noticed that it seemed like a little piece was missing,like a chunk! She was surprised and said it wasn't like that earlier and could've been from his brothers nibbling on his ears which she seen them do the night before. She felt so bad and even offered if it was a big issue she would give me my money back! "Oh No! I want him!" I said... The vet told the breeder to put Peroxide and Neosporin on it twice a day. Well I've been doing so since Friday and it seems to be healing ok.

But I just wanted advice from my YT family..

Do you think his ear may stand after healing?
Is taping with gauze tape a good idea after healing?(vet suggested)
Does 1 teaspoon of cottage cheese a day really works?

Please any kind of advice that will help!

Thanks in advance!

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OMG! Doesn't he look like his brother Teddy when he was 12weeks
Teddy is now 1 years old now!
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I love my boy
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