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Thanks guys! She really is such a sweetie. She has definitely found her forever home!! You can tell though that she is very insecure and I know that is going to take some time.

On our walks, harness definitely. It's the thinnest softest kind that I can find in town. I only walk them on harnesses. But the college girl gave her to me with a collar on and commented on how much of a leash puller she was, so... for the first 2 years of her life.. I assume she was pulling on a collar. :-(

I don't know how, but I completely forgot to mention:
- She has a grade 2.5-3 LP in her back right leg.
- Separation anxiety from hell! If I put her outside, she's afraid I'm going to leave her, even with the other guys out there and it's just long enough to do her business.
- You can tell her grooming has been nill. She has a long coat so naturally we've been dealing with mats as I said. Well, she hates tangles so much that when we hit one, she turns around and briefly thinks about taking a finger off. Obviously if she did bite me, it's understandable, but she hasn't at this point. We're taking it slow.
- She has a lovely multi colored long coat with hair loss around her eyes and legs.

It really makes me angry all that she has been through. But she still has such a loving spirit.

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