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Default False Labor????

Sorry it was hard to read the above ,I was typing in a hurry panic mode. ok I have sat back and calmed down and thought this threw and read on labor more and here is what I have came up with. Before the spay she had false pregnancy she had full nipples coddled her toys some, attitude change. Now I am not sure if she was completely done with that before we had her fixed. Her tits where no longer swollen but she would lick them sometimes still. So vet says to wait a few more weeks before spaying. I went 3 weeks.

Well we bring her home after spay and she out of it. Yesterday it started she started to jerk around as if her belly hurt it was wierd she would jerk around he hind end like she was hurting. She also started to dig. Dig in her crate, digging on her beds, any blankets our bedding on our bed like crazy like. We would try to stop her thought it may be hurt her belly. Whining and just seamed miserable. I went to the store last night and got her a new toy stuff animal. Thats when the she took it in her mouth and started to whine the most. She continued to whine last night was super uncomfortable, (all I was thinking is was the surgery)she also slept in our bed never does this. today she did some jerking with her back end like backwards she continued her whinning at everything was looking for somewhere to go but not sure where, I also told the vet this. She went to the doc. meds all above mentioned seemed to be having a reaction to it.

after I left for work she was super freaking out looking for someplace to go, digging blankets even went into her baby crate and was digging at the blankets ect. She was panting too for like 4 hrs. Thats the part my husband was freaking out about. She then disappeared. my husband found her panting under the bed, note she has never gone under the bed. since I wrote the above she has wanted to be alone in the bedroom she is right now grabbing her toys and take them to our bed. When I shut the door omg she freaked out. I opened it and she ran in grabbed her toy and ran off with it. lol it was funny but sad. Poor thing has know given birth to a gecko, bunny, little monkey, and octapus. She babys the gecko the most,thats the one I got her yesterday so its new. She just came in trying to find her whelping spot again she is panting a little not as much. she is wanting our bed to be it, but hubby is there and its not working out for her, this just goes on and on. I tried to pick up the gecko and she started kinda freak out, jumping for it whining so on. I gave it back and she is now licking him. Ill try to take pics. So, I am thinking that these are signs but whats the condition called and has anyone eles gone threw this. I am realy going to need help she is just whining and carring that gecko, and the bunny now too. back and forth so confussed do I incourge this or do I take the toys away not sure. dont want to make this worse. oh i am in for another long journey. I will be calling the vet in the morning asap but not sure why she didnt think this when I gave her most of the symptoms and with the false pregnancy hmmmm well we will see what she says.
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