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Originally Posted by tmahoney123 View Post
There are so many products and online sites - I'm looking for a milk thistle and/or sam-e liquid med for my Morkie who has a portosystemic shunt that was operated on about 3 weeks. Vet has a sam-e product that they use however it runs around $35-40mo. So I figured I would price comparison.

Btw she is doing fantastic! Just finished her amox, still on lactulose and vet wants her to start on a milk thistle or sam-e since her liver is only 1/4 of the size it is supposed to be. Help! please
First, welcome to YorkieTalk; sorry your Morkie had a shunt, and am SO happy to hear she is doing well! Many of us are dealing with liver disease in our furbabies, and most post in the section "Yorkie Health and Diet" and some in "Sick and Injured".

You can find the supplements you mentioned (Denosyl and Marin, plus another Vetri-dmg which is good) at much cheaper than the vets. There is another recommended supplement hepato support from somewhere else (can't remember).

Two of the members very knowledgeable about liver disease, diet and support are Ellie May, and Ladymom, and many others can help as well.
I'm sure they will be advising you soon.
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