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Originally Posted by lolasmomma View Post
my mom keeps telling me that im starving the dogs! lola is over weight and has been overweight for an entire year! and i dont want the same thing to happy to sebastian who is 8 mm old. Im feeding them twice a day morning around 6:30 am and late afternoon around 3 then i give them some before bed so they r not too hungry.

Lola (weighs 12 pds)gets 1.4-1.4-1.4
sebastian(weighs 7 pds) gets 1.4 then 1.4

am i starving them?
nope vet told me to feed 1/2 of what the bag says from pet food mfg as they are the reason our dogs are over weight. Dex is 10lbs and he gets 3/4 in am and 1/4 in pm and a few little kibble for treats that is it

Dee Dee is 6lbs and demi as well and they get 1/4 in am and 1/4 in pm

you do not want them over weight at it leads to alot of other health issues- trachea, acl injuries, diabetes, etc and if vet says they are ok then ok as too many people over eat and so do their dogs.

If your dog is over weight and older have the thyroid tested 6 panel through michigan state lab or dr jean dodds
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