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Default It's puppy time!! Help!

Roxie and I are both freaking out! I'm so nervous right now, I don't even know what to do with myself. I've been posting in the august thread but I figured a new thread would get more attention..

I took Roxie's temp a couple of hours ago and it was 98.65. Since then she's been shivering, peeing a lot, and being extremely restless. A few minutes ago (15 or so) I noticed that she started having contractions. Now they're closer apart and she refuses to stay put. She's wandering around my room arching her back and looking up with her mouth open, like she's about to howl?? And her stomach is visibly tighening. I AM SCARED TO DEATH!! How long should it be until she delivers?? Or how long until I should get worried?
Elyse and Roxie
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