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He's awake and fine. I can pick him up at 4:30- yay!
The vet ended up opting not to do surgery. He said there wasn't any bone loss so the risks outweigh the benefits right now. He did a root cleaning on it and said it's super important that I have his teeth cleaned one a year because of that tooth and also a few of his molars only erupted about 80% so they can be a problem as well. One has a curly root making it extremely difficult to extract so it could be a problem if I don't stay on the cleanings. It really sucks because this means anesthesia every year. No matter how much I brush, I can't clean under the gums to the roots for these partially erupted teeth. I'm just happy he's awake and fine.

We talked some about the LP and he said it's been grade 2 until now. That kind of surprised me since he's mentioned surgery for Gracie but never Sugar. He said technically he does need the surgery and not getting it is a gamble but he has had many patients live long lives with grade 3 without any problems. Again, pretty big gamble. I'm going to go search for everyone's stories on LP here.

I really appreciate everyone's support!
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