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Originally Posted by Ellie May View Post
It is 1-2 mg per pound.
The dosing equation is on YT somewhere (posted by bchgirl).
Ellie is 6.8 pounds and her dose is 1/2 tsp.

You need to save it, Ellie May. LOL...

The formula for figuring out the dosage for Childrens Liquid Benedry is:

Your dogs body weight times 5 divided by 12.5 = dose in cc/ml

To figure out your dogs body weight you have to convert ounces to pounds...

EX: a dog that weighs 4 pounds 10 ounces would weigh 4.625 pounds

you must take the 10 ounces and divide by 16 then add the 4 pounds...
10 divided by 16 = .625 + 4 =4.625

4.625 X 5 divided by 12.5 =1.85 cc/ml

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