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Originally Posted by PiePiper View Post
My Piper was not jumping on things, kind of walking a little hunched and then started to carry her right leg off and on. Took her to the vets and the vet knew it was her hip and recommended x-rays. She had Legg Perthes Disease which affects the ball of the femur that fits in the hip socket. The bone isn't getting enough of a blood supply and it starts to die. Piper had a couple bone chips floating in the socket and the ball of the femur was pitted, cracked and malformed. She had surgery 4 months ago and is doing great!
Well, cr@p! It looks like Zaccheus has Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease. It is in the very early stages, and we will be managing it for a while with anti-inflamatory drugs and joint support suppliments.
Unfortunately, surgery is not an option for us financially right now, but Doc says he wouldn't even recommend it today if we could. He's got at least a year, maybe two or three before he will be advanced enough to need it. By then, we can be ready.
Meanwhile, thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. I've been an emotional wreck today.
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