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Cry I know he's in pain

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed Zaccheus was running strangely, and said something to DH. He said that he always ran that way, so I let it go.

But Zacchie has stopped jumping up on the bed. At first I figured it was because he knew I would help him, so he was being lazy. But yesterday he wouldn't even jump up on the couch.

I checked him all over, and his right hind leg or hip seems to be the cause of some pain. I can extend his left leg all the way straight, but when I try to extend his right, he softly whimpers and trembles.

After looking through here, and doing some research, I think he may have hip displasia, which I understand is pretty rare in small breeds.

I gave him some Metacam, and will give him another dose this afternoon. I'm trying to see if he may have just pulled a muscle, or just be sore for some reason. His vet is not in today, so I will take him in tomorrow morning for x-rays if he's not feeling better. Right now he will run and walk on it, but when he stands, he holds it up ever so slightly.

Any other ideas?
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