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Default Worst weekend ever!

ok little girl my 5lb yorkie pom has 2 babies that are almost 5 weeks old
my other female is pg and keeps wanting to be with those babies. well friday night there was a 30 second scuffle between them i broke it up, gidget had JUMPED into the whelping pin to feed little girls babies. i saw that little girl was gushing blood from her mouth and gum or something was hanging down. i put gidget in the crate (who was trying to feed little girls puppies at this time) i rushed little girl to the vet. they cleaned up her mouth fixed her gums pulled some teeth, put her on antibotics and something for her eye thats a little scratched. we came home around 2 am.

so all day i kept gidget either outback in the yard or in her crate, i never noticed anything was wrong. then later on tonight as we were getting ready for bed i let her out again and she jumped on the bed for love i noticed her eye! it was disgusting and looked so bad so i ran her to the er. her eye is gone! she is blind and it is ruptured. split really. they said to send her home on meds right now to heal the infection if that works then we can leave her be being pregnant and all. or if it doesnt clear up she will need to have it taken out and its cheaper they said to have my vet to it then the ER.

last night with little girl was 250.00 i thought ok it could have been worse, the tonight they said the surgery without staying the night and with out aborting the babies is 800-900

thank god for my mama, she has the care credit but we are in the middle of saving for our down payment on a house we close on in 45 days!! im totally freaking.

i dont want to put gidget under cause of her having more problems from the anthesia messing her pregnany up and causing her to go back for a c-section of miss carriage. i care about the babies but i care more about her and would rather have her then the babies. the said the antesthia could cause miscarriages, still births or deformities.

i purchased a white pom baby about a month ago before we had little girls babies and before we got an opportunity to purchase a house. im going to place her for sale to help cover the cost, since i have to pay my mom back and im thinking of letting my male go. i will not be breeding anymore and i just feel like right now there is more than i can handle. i only have the 4 but i would like to downsize now because i cant handle another situration like this, and i know it would be best to let the females go but i dont think many would want them, due to age and now health they are the babies. little girl is her daddys girl and gidget and tanner are my babies. and the pom seems to be my sons dog.

(so if anyone is intersted in more info on the two available let me know, and please be prepared for me to cry when we talk about letting them go)

i have cried ever since i saw gidgets eye. i feel so bad letting her suffer all day! i just never saw it! and she never cried or anything!

sorry for the long venting post! im just so upset about gidget! my little baby! she has the big collar thing on and is resting in her crate right now.

please pray that the infection will go away with the meds!

thank you!
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