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I do know there is one breeder in Alberta that has them and yes they are regestered with CKC Canadian kennel club..I contacted them to confirm and saw copies of the papers, she has also done all dna testing...but she has no puppies and does not think she will have any till 2010 or 11. She did not know of any others in Canada.
ckc only told me of her and I think that was because it was a newer registration, fresh on the ladies mind.
your babies are very pretty..but i would really like one that is ckc reg...and yes I know they are not showable yet...
everything had to start somewhere...but with the ptivate messages I have been getting I see this is a touchy each his own.
i may call you if I don`t find something in the next year..I am not in a hurry it has to be the right puppy and breeder.
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