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Originally Posted by SophieKatesMom View Post
Hello all, I have to ask the more experienced Yorkie owners is 7 months of age equal to a humans "Terrible 2's" ?

I have to ask since my sweet little puppy turns into "Cujo" at a moments notice and then turns to "Miss Sweetness" or "Ms Drama Queen" (i.e., flops down on my lap and pretends sleep, or put her head up and prances across the room).

On our afternoon walks she has began barking at our neighbors when they are in their yards, minding their own business. Today she bravely protected me from a blowing paper bag.

I know she is a puppy and will grow out of it and actually it is kind of funny. I have to try not to laugh and correct her at times.
YES! lol. milu was bad at 7 months!!!
one thing that i REALLY suggest is training and working with her through it.
milu went to puppy class. and at the graduation (hehe ) the teacher told us about the fact that they are going to get naughty, testing boundaries and to make sure we continue working with them on the commands and things like that.

hang in there and good luck!
__________________ i love milu
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