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Puppies can be very exuberant and really don't know their own strength. So please be very careful when they play together. The growling, snapping and even the occasional yip are all normal puppy play. Gracie Ruth & Yogi can sound like a rabid pack of wild dogs tearing each others throats out sometimes. But when I look over to see what's going on they are hardly touching at all, it's all noise. They do play hard and sometimes one or the other will yip, that's to be expected. It's obvious when they are only playing, trust me you will know if/when it turns serious. What you want to do if you need to step in is discipline the one that went too far. I just take my hand and firmly but gently pin the offender to the floor, tell them Quit! and hold them until they are still. When I let them up I give hugs and kisses to all and then let them go back to playing. You are the boss, it's up to you to make sure they understand that.

As for Bailey coming into the room, unfortunately, there's little that you can do to stop that. You could keep the door closed or buy a baby gate so that it will keep Bailey out but still have the door open. Living with roommates always has it's own unique challenges. Communication will be the best way to over come most problems. Talk to your roomie and see if there are things that can be changed to make it a pleasant home for all concerned.

Good Luck!
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