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Originally Posted by means143 View Post
My 8-month old girl knows her name. I know it because she stares at me when I call her. But she wouldn't come to me when I call her. She just stands there and look at me. When I come near her pen to pick her up I call her name but she won't go near me. And when I walk away from the pen she runs and jumps on the pen towards my direction. When I go near again she walks back away from me again and so on...

Can anyone please help me understand her behavior?
Sounds like typical yorkie behavior. Have you tried treats? You might want to contact a trainer for some really good advice. Roxie is almost 2 and once in awhile still does this. It's not a good thing because you don't want them doing that if they get outside and your trying to call them back. The one thing I do know is you have to teach her to follow you and not make it look like your chasing them because they think it's a game. I would get some training if you can. I'm sure others on here will have some good advice.
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