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awww poor thing, she is so confused and scared. Just give her time, a safe place and plenty of one-on-one love she'll come around. Hand feeding, sitting quietly with her and walks will help ya'll to bond. Do you know if she has a special treat that she likes? Try to find out what she like, a certain food, belly rubs, ear scratches, whatever it is that really 'does it' for her. Annie loved belly rubs & apples, Boo simply likes to be held, Gracie likes playing fetch, Yogi likes Cheerios.

Don't talk "baby talk" to her while she's unsure, it will only reinforce in her the belief that there is something to be scared of. Calm, firm, normal tone is the best. It doesn't matter what you say, just hearing your calm voice will work wonders.

If she's concerned about your other Yorkies, keep them separate until she feels more secure. Can you get a doggie gate and put it up between the bedroom (where she feels safe) and the rest of the house. This way they can get to know each other without her feeling threatened. Is she able to get up and down from the bed on her own? If not some type of stairs that she can use will be good too.

Opps, welcome to YT!!! Post pictures when you can and tell us more about yourself and all your babies.
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