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Originally Posted by YorkieMother View Post
I missed your ? on how many is to manty dogs.
It depends on the teacher and the belnd of dogs.
But for me 15 without help is to many.

Please let them know what you found did not work as if you do not they do not know they need to make a change.

yes, you are right, i should give them that feed back instead of pouting and looking for another school lol, i am such an idiot!

it's really a balancing act. although i do think that you can get a bad trainer and have a bad experience with a puppy training class. a lot of it is also the puppy owner's responsibility to make sure they get most out of these classes. like doing homework is probably as important as going to the classes. what do you think? or do you think it's really worth the time to make sure you are getting the best trainer possible?

thank you!
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