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My mom and I were going to visit my sister when she was living in Staten Island. It was dark and rainy. The speed limit was 65 and I was doing at least 75 in heavy traffic in the passing lane. Some a-hole in a truck had been following me forever and would pass me, pull in front of me and slow down. I finally got sick of him and just stayed in the passing lane. He got behind me and was honking his horn for me to go faster (mind you, it's quite difficult to go faster when there is a car 5 feet from my front bumper and a car 5 feet to the side of me with him behind me!) He started flicking his high beams on and off and then just kept them on and was riding right on my @ss. I was so scared! When I finally could get over into the right lane, my mom was ready to take down his license plate and he took the exit we were about to pass. He could have killed me, my mom, and the people in the cars around me. That entire weekend I was so mad that we couldn't get his license plate down- I would have called the police and the company for which he works- what a jerk.
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