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Originally Posted by daniellealberta View Post
They day after you got them, you went out of state for a week. You don't say if you took them with you, but no matter what happened, it would be more new people and even more new places. No wonder they don't know what to do.

What concerns me even more is that you have a two week vacation coming up that you knew about even before you rescued these dogs. Again, if you are taking them with you, they will have to go to a new place before they are used to their new home!

It sounds to me that what these dogs need most of all is a routine, and the opportunity to get used to their new surroundings.!
I know...I feel bad about all that, too, but, as I said before, the week to Louisiana to bury my father-in-law was unexpected. My daughter kept them for me that week.

To make matters worse, we have had LOTS of rain due to remnants of hurricanes coming our way and it has been very difficult to take them out regularly.

When we adopted them, I was reluctant at first, because of our upcoming vacation and told that to the rescue group. The lady at the rescue group offered to keep them for me while we go on our trip. Not sure what to do yet.....but I do have someone lined up to house sit with them. However, because of their behavior, I don't know if the person I have will be able to keep up with them.

I don't know if I even mentioned the cats in my initial post, but the dogs and cats are getting accustomed to each other, so there is SOME progress!

Thank you both for your wonderful suggestions....I will do my best.....
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