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Thank God for YOU and your family saving Bailey. That breeder is despicable. Of course that heifer knew he was sick and had a hurt leg. She just wanted to get your money and get you out of there as fast as possible. You don't forget that you have a sick puppy that you're selling. Are you sure that she even gave Bailey his meds in the first place?

I would sue her for the cost of treating Bailey and Daisy. If she doesn't pay, at least she'll have it on her credit and legal records.

I would also report her to the AKC if Bailey is registered with them.

Give Bailey and Daisy a kiss and hug from us. Daisy is protected by the blood of Jesus and she will not catch whatever ails Bailey. He'll be fine soon too.

Bless you all!
Blessed to be a blessing,
Jett and (R.I.P. TO MY 4 : Jagger , Tyson , Coty & Conan)
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